Are there payment options?


If group vision insurance is available from your employer, you pay for it through payroll deductions or flexible spending accounts. A flexible spending account, sometimes referred to as a cafeteria plan, allows an employee to use pre-tax dollars to purchase selected health benefits such as vision insurance. This plan saves your money because you receive [...]

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What is included in vision insurance?


Standard Vision insurance usually includes the following services and products: LASIK and PRK vision correction at discounted rates Annual eye examinations Contact lenses Eyeglass frames Eyeglass lenses Usually, services acquired from network providers are more affordable than services from out-of-network providers.

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What Types of Vision Insurance Plans Are Available?


Vision insurance comes in two forms, a discount vision plan or a vision benefits package. Discount Vision Plan – Eyecare at fixed discounted rates after an annual premium or membership fee and a deductible are paid. Vision Benefits Package – Usually, a vision benefits package requires an annual premium or membership fee, a yearly deductible [...]

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How and Where Does One Obtain Vision Insurance?


Individuals can buy a vision benefit plan. Vision insurance plans may be available through your place of employment, school district or through social plans like Medicare or Medicaid. Indemnity health insurance is traditional insurance, which allows policyholders to access medical providers of their choice. Vision insurance is often a value-added benefit included in indemnity health [...]

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