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Prepaid Legal Services

So What is Covered?

Landlord Tenant

Crooked landlord? Hazardous home conditions? Get your lease professionally reviewed.

Consumer Finance

Tax disputes. Audits. Debt collection. Fraud. Bad news is what we do best.


Accidents happen. So do speed traps. But with a LegalShield Legal Plan, you’re covered.

Estate Planning

Death and taxes? That’s our bread and butter. Let us handle your will and power of attorney.

Real Estate

Whether you’re buying, selling or just planning ahead, we’ll take the pain out of the process.


Wrongly fired? Mistreated at work? You are not alone, especially with LegalShield on your side.


Whether you’re owed a debt or facing litigation, we’ll help you get—and keep—what’s yours.

Family Law

Relationships are complicated. Let us tackle the technical stuff.

Civil Litigation

From arbitration to trial, we’re in your corner when you need us most.


Get expert legal defense for covered criminal charges and we’ll help build your best case.

Prepaid Legal FAQs

Does my membership cover speeding tickets?2018-11-02T22:00:03-06:00
  • Yes, we can give legal assistance with speeding tickets.
Does my membership cover immigration?2018-11-02T21:59:36-06:00

A LegalShield membership provides consultation and a discount on other legal services related to immigration issues. Please contact your provider law firm to discuss your benefits and options.

Does my membership cover tax audits?2018-11-02T21:58:57-06:00

Yes, we cover tax audits.

What happens if my legal issue falls outside of my covered benefits?2018-11-02T21:58:31-06:00

You may continue to use your Provider Attorney for legal situations that extend beyond plan coverage. The additional services are at least 25% off the law firm’s standard hourly rates. Your Provider Attorney will let you know when the discount applies, and go over these fees with you.

Does my membership cover uncontested divorce?2018-11-02T21:57:25-06:00

Yes, we cover uncontested divorce.

What law firm will provide my legal services?2018-11-02T21:56:25-06:00

LegalShield has arranged for you to have access to an accomplished law firm
available to handle your legal needs. Law firms have been screened, are
monitored daily, and are ready to handle your legal matters with the care
and concern you deserve.

Does my membership cover wills?2018-11-02T21:55:54-06:00

Yes, your membership covers wills for you and your family.



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